Integrated Ecological Biosecurity with UV-C Ultraviolet Light

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BIOCOMP provides the integrated ecological biosecurity system with UV-C ultraviolet light through professional and ecological disinfection of air, surfaces and products,with help of ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection devices

The integrated ecological biosecurity is achieved by using three categories of UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection devices produces by BIOCOMP:

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Surface Disinfection

(LBA category), used only in the absence of the human personnel

he UV-C biocidal devices manufactured by BIOCOMP for surface disinfection are specially designed to adapt
to any type of space and provide protection against contamination with pathogens extremely dangerous to
human health (viruses, bacteria, mold spores, fungi, protozoa).

UV-C ultraviolet light emitted at a wavelength of 253.7 nm permanently destroys the DNA of microorganisms,
preventing their transmission and multiplication.

The UV-C biocidal devices manufactured by BIOCOMP for surface disinfection are part of the integrated system
of ecological biosecurity and active control of biocontaminants offered by BIOCOMP together with biocidal
devices with louvres, for air disinfection.

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Air Disinfection

(LBAG category),specially designed to be used permanently in the presence of people

IOCOMP offers a complete range of 100% efficient, 100% economical, 100% ecological UV-C disinfection
devices for air disinfection. We recommend the use of UV-C biocidal devices manufactured by BIOCOMP for air
disinfection in any field where there is a risk of disease and disease transmission, such as, but not limited to:
medical, food, industrial, hospitality, zootechnical, veterinary, cosmetic, educational , household or office.

Specially designed to be used 24/7 in complete safety in the presence of human activity, UV-C biocidal devices
manufactured by BIOCOMP ensure a permanent air disinfection, up to 99.99%, preventing the spread of
microorganisms harmful to health (bacteria , viruses, mold spores, fungi, protozoa and other pathogens) and
ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

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Special Devices

  • Disinfection cannon-for quick disinfection of medical,industrial,office,spaces,etc.
  • Disinfection platforms-for air disinfection in large space
  • Disinfection tunnels,adapted to technological lines,for food disinfection before packaging
  • Disinfection device for food foil before thermoforming
  • Personal effect disinfection box-for disinfecting mobile phones,watches,jewelry,notebooks,documents,etc.
  • Footwear disinfection device-for footwear disinfection at the entrance of the office or production area
  • Disinfection device for refrigerated display cases,for increasing by up to 100% the fresh time of exposed unpackaged food
  • Disinfection devices for air ventilation ducts-once placed inside the ducts,it efficiently and permanently disinfects the air introduced in industrial ,office and logistics spaces,against any contamination with dangerous pathogens
  • Disinfection boxes of any size,as disinfection filters for raw materials,components,etc
  • Disinfection device for goods and passangers means of transportation

Applications of UV-C disinfection devices manufactured by BIOCOMP

Wherever there is a risk of illness ,there should also be a BICOMP UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection device,specially designed for your safety and health

Wherever there is a risk of illness, there should also be a BIOCOMP UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection device,
specially designed for your safety and health!

The UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection devices manufactured by BIOCOMP are the most efficient, ecologicaland economical method of preventing disease transmission, with application in the following fields: medical, food, hospitality, zootechnical, veterinary, cosmetic, educational, home and office.










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The integrated ecological biosecurity system and active control of biocontaminants offered by BIOCOMP is in accordance with European Directives 2014/35/EC,2014/30/EC,2012/19/EC,ISO Standard 15858 and is ISO accredited 9001/2015 by DEKRA Germany